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Cell Charge - What is it ? Is it for me ?

Cell Charge - What is it ? Is it for me ?

What is Cell Charge ?

Cell Charge is an organic, vegan & highly concentrated health supplement extremely rich in health promoting plant compounds, amino acids, electrolytes, organic acids and trace minerals.

Cell Charge is the most potent form of Fulvic acid in the world, sourced from a single origin rare earth deposit.

Fully organic and untouched by modern humans, this area was an exciting meeting place of complex plant, fungi, animal and marine life. The deposit can trace its roots back approximately 34 million years! 

Why Cell Charge ?

Poor diets, the stress of work, family and environmental factors, reduced sleep duration and quality, and compromised digestion is wreaking havoc on our health.

All of these factors add up and increases your body’s nutritional needs - needs that are not being met by even the highest-quality, locally grown, organic foods.

Cell Charge is an ultra-concentrated micronutrient booster helping to offset the demands of modern life.


Restful Sleep - Wake up feeling well rested and energised.

Balanced Mood - Levelled out mood swings, reduction in anxiety, feelings of laziness and depression.

Sustained Energy - No more afternoon energy drops with stimulant free, day-long energy.

Settled Gut - Less bloating, stomach aches, general discomfort and diarrhoea.

Boosted Immunity - Less colds and faster recovery when sick.

Cognitive Boost - No more brain fog, ability to focus and ignore distractions

More Effective Supplements - Better absorption and results with other supplements and vitamins.

Faster Exercise Recovery - Less soreness and fatigue with the ability to exercise back-to-back.

Due to the broad nutrient profile and widespread depletion of essential and trace minerals in our diet, everyone can experience a benefit from taking Cell Charge. Simply add 1 drop per 10kgs of bodyweight to any beverage once daily. It is suggested to do an initial loading phase of twice daily for 4 weeks for optimum results. 

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