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Gut Health Powder

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Every human has an entire ecosystem of microscopic microbiota living inside their gut, spanning all the way from the mouth, through to the stomach, intestines and out the other end.

Much like a rainforest, the diversity of your unique microbiota directly correlates with the health of this ecosystem (the gut microbiome). True Gut Health is a scientifically formulated blend of naturally derived ingredients to support diversity within your microbiome, nurturing a healthy gut.

Your unique microbiota is responsible for many physiological factors including healthy digestion, mood and energy levels and protection from harmful organisms.

Imbalance of the microbiota is referred to as dysbiosis, which in severe cases has been linked to health effects such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), eczema, obesity and even mental health issues. Scientific evidence has concluded that having lots of different, diverse types of bacteria within your microbiome can put your gut to in a better position to fight off these imbalances.

Unlike many other alternatives available, True Gut Health includes a variety of gut-nourishing ingredients to foster diversity and support your gut microbiome, allowing it to thrive and keep you healthy from the inside out.


Gut Health Powder - TRUE Protein

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